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CANUA Island


Events / Evenementiel


French Riviera / Côte d'Azur


Opened for event hire in May 2024


Artistic Director

Interior decorator

Visual branding concept & design

CANUA Island is the first of it's kind in the world.
It is a floating island, eco-concieved, moving according to the weather & the desires of it's client's.

Music "The Chase" by Emmet Fenn & video by Hannibal Poenaru

An unexpected slice of heaven, where you will find a restaurant, a lounge bar with a 360 view, a Beach-club, a unique hotel suite, an Art corner & a show calendar.

Alexandra has been working on this project since it's start as the Creative Director (creating a visual concept that explores the uniqueness of this beautiful project), the interior decorator (creating a welcoming island within all the restrictions that such a place induces) and also the visual branding designer (creating the visual concepts and working with great specialized teams).

She has been involved in creating an experience concept. Tony Philp, her husband is one of the founders of the project which is why she has been so closely involved on many different levels of the development.

TEASER video, created in 2019 to promote the project. 
Creative concept by me, and developed and made by "Ladies & Gentlemen" French agency.

Photos by Alexandra

Alexandra have spent months in Italy, to follow the last part of the construction, which is the part of the interior decoration.
One of the most impressive and emotional moment is when the arches has been mounted.
The arches were made by Buschacher, in Austria. And mounted by them in a few days in Italy. After months of pre-work calculations.
These are some images captured by Alexandra during part of the process.

Photos by Alexandra




MAY 15TH 2024  at MANDELIEU-LA-NAPOULE, Côte d'Azur

Photos by Lionel Barbe